How to choose the best of Italian Marble for your dream project?

About Marble:
Marble is a natural stone which is used as a premium flooring material in the construction of residential buildings, business parks, commercial buildings like hotels & restaurants, offices and religious structures. Marble is also used as countertops, facades, decorative cladding and backsplash in addition to being used as flooring material. Marble continues to be the premium material of choice for decades mainly due to the elegance that it brings to the building. Thanks to marble’s wide range of colour, strains, special lustre and its versatility, architects, builders and designers love to use this in their projects

Italian Marble:
In India, Rajasthan has the most deposits of Marble and it is also available in other states like Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. But, in the past few decades, India has been exporting marble from several countries across the world including Europe and Latin America. Out of all these countries, Italian Marble has become the preferred choice in India for premium projects like luxury homes, office parks and other commercial spaces like malls, hotels, hospitals and etc., due to the various reasons listed below
●    Italian Marble is synonymous to Class & Elegance. It adds more shine and elegance to the floor
●    Italian Marble are Pearly with High Lustre
●    Italian Marble comes in a variety of colours like White, Beige Grey, Ash,Ivory, Rose & etc.,

How to identify Authentic Italian Marble?
●    Bottom of the surface of the marble must be free from little holes
●    Real Italian marbles have unique veins while fake marble have same vein patterns across all of its rock
●    Vinegar Test – If a few drops of vinegar is poured on the surface of real marble, bubbles will develop on it, while fake marbles don’t

Where to buy Authentic Italian Marble?
A trusted dealer like SS Marble, Coimbatore who has been in the business for around 25 years should be your best choice for Italian Marble.
SS Marble sells Authentic Italian Marble, they are highly knowledgeable, they directly source from the best quarries of Italy, they have a wide choice of selection and their huge list of satisfied clientele is a testimony for this

Italian Marble at SS Marble:
SS Marble brings you the best of Italian Marble by sourcing from various parts of Italy. SS Marble sources each collection from the best and most reputed quarries in Italy and the slabs comply with commonly accepted specifications. They are pre-cut and pre-polished by the finest Italian craftsmen.
SS Marble offers multiple selection of Italian Marbles for its customers that includes, but NOT limited to:
●    StatuarioVenatino
●    Statuario Golden
●    BotticinoCrema
●    BottocinoClassico
●    Silver Portor
●    CalacattaPorthoro White
●    Perlato Sicilia
●    Surfujenty Marble
●    Brisia Arora